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We offer the most comprehensive on-premise and cloud-based systems for your healthcare management needs.

on premise and cloud based Heathcare tracking systems

Choosing the best method to track medical supplies and inventory

Your databases are safe no matter which option you choose

As experts in inventory management for the healthcare industry, we understand the unique needs and requirements of organizations in this field. That’s why we offer a variety of options for our Cloud-Based and On-Premise Medical Inventory Management Software to meet those needs. Whether you operate pharmaceutical companies, medical warehouses or laboratories, our Healthcare Management Solutions can help you.

Our Cloud-Based system offers the convenience of having us handle setup and security maintenance, while still allowing for your own management for greater control. Our On-Premise option gives you and your administrators total control over the security of the system, with the added benefit of hosting the database on-site for added peace of mind and the ability to fully configure and secure the system to your specific requirements.

choose the best method to track your heathcare tools

Which Hosting Option Should You Pick?

Find the perfect solution for your medical inventory tracking challenges.

In the healthcare industry, inventory management are essential for ensuring efficient operations. Recognizing the unique security and privacy concerns in healthcare, we’ve designed our healthcare management solutions to offer a variety of options to best meet your specific needs. Our On-Premise and Cloud-Based hosting options each offer three different implementation methods to ensure a tailored and personalized solution for your business. With our software, you can be assured that we prioritize ease of use and customization to fit your specific requirements.


The Offline On-Premise System
Our Offline option ensures that your healthcare management system remains operational even in the absence of an internet connection. This is accomplished by utilizing cables to synchronize data, instead of relying on Wi-Fi, allowing your systems to continue functioning during challenging scenarios.

The Online On-Premise System
The Online option operates in a similar fashion as our Offline option but offers the added advantage of being able to instantly synchronize with other systems when connected to the internet.

The Cloud-Hosted On-Premise System
The Cloud-Hosted Option allows us to handle data storage and security for you. This entails storing all your information on a cloud-based platform, while still providing access to an on-premise application.


The Traditional Cloud-Based Server
Our standard Cloud-based system synchronizes your asset data to a real-time online database. The database is hosted on a server that is managed and maintained by us.

The Dedicated Cloud-Based Server
Similar to a traditional server, our system synchronizes your data to a database that we host. The key difference is that the server is dedicated exclusively to your organization's use. Additionally, this option includes a sandbox function, allowing you to test new processes.

The Locally Hosted Server
This option allows you to host our healthcare management solution for medical supplies on your own servers, providing you with complete control. This is an ideal solution for organizations that have strict security and privacy regulations.

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