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An Innovative Way to Manage Company Owned Warehouse Inventory

Inventory control on shared resources

One of our customers’ favorite features, we designed the Inventory Requisition feature to be one of a kind. No other options on the market can provide you the convenience and efficiency our Warehouse Inventory Management System can. With the Inventory Requisition feature, we essentially take the inventory and shared resources you’ve added into the system and create an internal digital interface where your users can request available inventory and resources.

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How It Works for Warehouses

Learn how this feature functions for warehouse staff

With this feature, your warehouse staff and pre-approved non-system users can browse and request available inventory from within your warehouses. Known as Requestors, they can browse through the available inventory items or resources in your business, request the items needed, and after approval by the System Administrators, the items can be packed and shipped to the requestor.

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What Are The Benefits of Inventory Requisition?

Learn about how this feature can help your organization

For All Your Employees

The Inventory Requisition Feature is designed to be used by all designated employees. Every employee in your warehouses can use this feature.


We designed this feature to be easy to use and navigate, with all available inventory laid out for you in the most intuitive way so you can request inventory quickly and easily.

Increases Visibility

With increased visibility over the resources of your organization, it'll be easy and convenient to perform audits to keep your warehouse staff accountable.

Inventory Control Workflow

This unique feature helps make a more cost-effective and productive work environment in your warehouses, enhancing your warehouse inventory management workflows.

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