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How to Keep Track of Warehouse Inventory

A full range of inventory tracking features tailored specifically for warehouses of any scale.

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What do warehouses use to keep track of their inventory?

Why Our Warehouse Inventory Management Software is the Best Solution for You

With our Warehouse Management Software, we give you the power to track your inventory your way. Our Warehouse Inventory Management System can be hosted through cloud, self-hosting, and on-premise solutions, so you can track warehouse stock from anywhere. Choose from a variety of different functionalities and set up our system to accommodate all your warehouse inventory control and stockroom management needs. Our systems can handle all inventory, including solar panels, electrical wiring, steel pipes, chemical drums and many more!

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an efficient inventory management that fits all sizes of warehousesow your warehouse inventory levels

What is The Most Popular Inventory System for Warehouse Management?

Our Warehouse Management System is the best fit for any company

We understand the complexity and difficulty of controlling pallets of inventory constantly on the move in and out of the receiving and shipping docks of warehouses, stockrooms and facilities. That’s why we designed our warehouse inventory tracking system options to match the needs of your business. Whether you need to manage truckloads of inventory or just a single stockroom, our warehouse inventory system can handle it all.

Large and Global Entities

Large, global, and corporate entities can use our system to manage their various warehouses and stockrooms across the globe. You can gain top-down information on all your Standalone Inventory Systems at the same time and even use API integration to funnel, consolidate and organize information from your Standalone Inventory Tracking Systems.


For companies with multiple stockrooms, warehouses, etc., you can manage all your inventory information from one database. The motto of our Multi-Site System is together but separate. With it, you will be able to view the information from all your locations in one convenient place while making sure employees from specific locations only see the information relevant to them.

Standalone Systems

A simple Inventory Management Software made for smaller organizations, needing only one database. The Standalone Warehouse Management System (WMS) is designed for smaller businesses that want to manage a singular warehouse, regardless of the size of your facility.

What are the best ways to keep track of warehouse inventory?

Three hosting options we provide for your Warehouse Inventory System

Cloud-Hosted Warehouse Management System: Our Cloud-Hosted Warehouse Management System combines barcode scanners, real-time reporting, and the ability to track inventory items anytime, anywhere. All your servers are handled on our end so we can save you (and your IT team) some headaches.

On Premise Warehouse Management System : Our On-Premise Warehouse Management System can fully operate in an offline mode and offers efficient and accurate tracking of inventory items via barcodes. You can also set up the system from the ground up how you desire.

Self-Hosted Warehouse Management System : Our Self-Hosted Warehouse Management System provides an application accessible with a browser and a database that you can host on your own hosting servers or through an application hosting service. This option gives you the ultimate freedom to set up and manage the system according to your organization’s requirements.

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Warehouse Management System Users

Different Security Levels Allow Users Different Levels of Access

Our Warehouse Management Software implements role-based access to help you maintain compliance with data security policies and reduce the risk of data breaches in your warehouses. Here’s how it works:

System Users

System users can view available stock in the system, expiration dates, and more information on their warehouses and stockrooms from one location.

Administrative Users

Administrative Users can manage their Warehouse Inventory data and reports for multiple Standalone Inventory Systems.

Configurable Security Levels

If none of our premade security levels work for you, we also give you the option to create your own configurable security levels with the specific restrictions and access you desire.

Non-User Employees

All staff and employees can use the Inventory Requisition Add-On that is tied into each Warehouse Inventory System. Anyone with Requisition access can view all available stock items, request them, and will receive them pending a system administrator’s approval.

Warehouse Management System (WMS) Features

Our Basic and Popular Warehouse Management System Features

The base features that come with all of our Warehouse Inventory Management Software are user-friendly and have little to no learning curves. These include:

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  • Import Inventory Data
  • Export Inventory Data
  • Receive inventory
  • Move inventory
  • Issue Inventory
  • Transfer Inventory
  • Configurable reports
  • Set Min/Max levels
  • Set General Alerts
  • Manage Purchase Orders

  • Manage Sales Orders
  • UPC lookup function
  • Inventory Data Analytics
  • Adjust Transactions
  • View Historical Inventory Data
  • AI generated forecasting
  • Create Inventory Picklists
  • Note & Flag inventory items
  • Manage default Locations
  • Pack & Ship Inventory

Popular Inventory WMS Features

Here are some of the inventory tracking features that our customers use the most:

Inventory Forecasting

Our systems utilize advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) to calculate future warehouse inventory usage. This lets you make better decisions with more accurate analytics.

Inventory Layout Feature

This feature in our WMS lets you quickly visualize the location of your inventory. You can upload or create floor plans of warehouses and stockrooms as well as assign inventory to specific aisles and shelves, so you always know where your inventory is.

Inventory Levels

Always know how much inventory you have on hand and set up alerts for when you’re reaching capacity or running low. Never overstock or understock again.

Inventory Reporting

Create configurable reports containing only the information you need in the format that makes the most sense for you and your organization.

How Our Warehouse Inventory Management System Can Help You

The Benefits of our Warehouse Management Solution

Cost Effective: Improve productivity and reduce costly steps or processes within your warehouses.
Improve Accuracy: Save time and improve WMS Inventory data accuracy by reducing the risk of human errors.
Improve Workflow: Enhance warehouse employee and equipment resources through effective workflow management.
Internal Task Automation: Automate internal work assignments with our mobile app and transition from paper to electronic work.
Security Enhancement: Ensure precise warehouse product tracking with configurable reports and physical inventory counts.

benefits of our warehouse inventory management solution

Warehouse Inventory Management System Mobile App

Manage Your Warehouse’s Inventory on the Go

The Warehouse Inventory Management Mobile Application lets you to view current inventory locations, quantities, users, and much more from the palm of your hand. Save on the hardware costs of purchasing wireless or cabled barcode scanners by using your own smartphone and tablet cameras as scanners instead.

Our Warehouse Inventory Mobile App is a comprehensive application that will handle end-to-end inventory needs and make your stockroom and warehouse management much more efficient.

warehouse inventory management system mobile app
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