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Good inventory tracking requires good planning. When done right, small businesses and big businesses alike enjoy spending less time and less money tracking, transferring, and storing assets. To help organizations no matter their size or their mission, we’ve ensured that our system comes with every feature needed to help business leaders avoid pitfalls through sound inventory forecasting and reduce operational costs.

our complete inventory management features

Building Your Inventory System

A Feature for Every Occasion

Our inventory management software can be equipped with over 18 essential features. Not only does this make for the best inventory tracking system on the market, it gives users the freedom to choose which features they need and which ones they don’t. That way, businesses can enjoy bigger profits and a smoother work day while only paying for what they need.

our inventory management features fits every occasion

Base Inventory Features

The Features Bundled in Every Box

These features form the core functions of our software and come baseline with every system. Here is a brief overview of each feature and how it can be applied.

Physical Inventory Count

Physical Inventory provides a quick and complete readout of your current inventory, giving you an on-demand bird’s eye view of your stock.

Min & Max Quantities

Min/Max Locations creations configurable minimum and maximum stock levels for each location, resulting in faster and more accurate data entry.


Inventory Picklist generates a list of items needed for a customer order, allowing warehouse staff to fulfill orders faster and more easily.

Ai - Forecasting

Forecasting/Artificial Intelligence gives users future insight by predicting trends in inventory demand. Using this allows staff to plan years in advance while accounting for intervals of increased demand.

Inventory Reporting

Inventory Reporting provides standardized reports and can also design configurable reports, leading to easy and timely inventory reports.

Note and Flag

Inventory Note & Flag creates virtual sticky notes that can be attached to important items. This feature is perfect for reporting time stamps, sales orders, and completed purchases.


Inventory Alerts can create custom-built alerts, notifying you of important deadlines such as when to resupply or perform maintenance.

Pack and Ship

Inventory Pack & Ship selects items ready to be shipped and prints a packing slip for the order. Then, when an item is ready to be shipped, it prints a shipping label using the recipient’s imported information.

Data Import

Inventory Note & Flag creates virtual sticky notes that can be attached to important items. This feature is perfect for reporting time stamps, sales orders, and completed purchases.

User Security

User Security gives administrators the ability to create multiple levels of access and authorize specific users accordingly to keep assets secure. In addition, the feature can also create security groups, enable restricted access, and prevent sensitive information from being edited

Transactions Receipts

Transaction Receipts create downloadable and printable receipts. These can be obtained whenever a transaction is picked, received, returned, moved, and disposed. The feature also modifies receipt format, allowing for integrated and easy bookkeeping.

UPC LookUp

UPC Look Up automizes the process of data entry when receiving barcoded items. The feature synchronizes with online UPC databases, allowing for easy data entry without ever having to leave the system.

Advanced Inventory Features

Pick and Choose What Enhancements are Best for you.

These features can be purchased as add-ons to tailor our system and ensure it’s a perfect fit for your operations.

Inventory Breakdown

Inventory Breakdown disassembles a selected item in your inventory into individual separate components. These parts can then be assigned a unique stock number allowing users for more detailed tracking than ever.

Inventory Transfer

Inventory Transfer creates a single-step process for moving inventory from one site to another. This is perfect for organizations that need to transport inventory between multiple sites without having to purchase additional inventory.


Inventory Kitting groups separate but usually related items under a single barcode, allowing items that typically go together to form a single unit to be requested and assembled easily.

Blueprint layout

Inventory Layout creates a blueprint of physical storage locations. This allows managers to quickly visualize their available space by providing a floor plan and a search tool to locate items with ease.

Inventory Requisition

Inventory Requestor allows users to view, request, and receive inventory. Administrators are also able to use multiple levels of authentication to provide customized security for every item.

Signature Capture

Signature Capture can create specific checkpoints in a transaction in which an electronic signature is required. This is perfect for streamlining auditing processes and improving accountability overall.

Stock to Assets

Stock to Asset instantly reclassifies stocks as assets while automatically carrying over its prior identification number. Using this feature ensures that an asset will be tracked from the moment it arrives at the warehouse to the moment of its retirement.

Adjust Inventory

Adjust Inventory creates a digital log for adjusting inventory. This feature is perfect for increasing asset visibility by providing time stamps and sticky notes describing who moved inventory and when.

Approval Cycles

Approval Cycles oversees the process of receiving purchase orders and sales orders. It integrates the process of approving the order by requiring all orders to go to designated approvers. This provides a greater degree of control over the fulfillment process by creating check points where approval is needed.

Our Newest Features

To ensure that our system stays on the cutting edge, we work tirelessly to provide new enhancements and features to further streamline your business and create best practices for your industry. Explore some of these new functions:

Historical Inventory

Historical Inventory compiles historical inventory data and uses it to generate configurable reports on item history. This allows the user to compare stock items between two dates and significantly cut down time needed for reporting.

Min/Max Scaler

Min/Max Status Scale provides a visual scale of how much inventory is available. By setting minimum and maximum values, staff can determine instantly when an item is understocked or overstocked. Items can also be attached to the dashboard.

Vacant Locations

See how much space is left in your locations so you can better and more efficiently manage your warehouse storage.

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