Easily Check-Out
A Group of Assets

Group fixed assets that are frequently used together for convenient check-out as a set

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Bundle Assets Together

Simplify your check-out process by grouping fixed assets together

The Check-Out/Check-In System in our Asset Management Software helps you efficiently process your equipment and tools check-outs by providing you with the Bundle Fixed Assets feature.

This feature enables users to group tangible assets together into a pack, allowing you to check out the entire group all at once. We designed this feature so users can check-out a bundle by checking-out any of the assets in the bundle.

bundle assets together

What is the Application of this Feature?

 Here’s an example of how the Bundle Fixed Assets feature works.

Imagine you are presenting a lesson to your students, or a proposal to your clients, one of the important pieces of equipment you would need is a projector. However, there are certain accessories needed for the projector to be functional. These could include the HDMI cables, power sources cable and whatever else you would need to be able to present your deck.

These are all individual assets in your organization. To make it more efficient, you can bundle or group these assets together in our asset tracking software. That way, when you check-out a projector, you’re only scanning one barcode and receiving a bundle with all the necessary accessories.

This method of checking-out and checking-in bundled assets as a whole equals a more streamlined and hassle-free check-out process.

what is the application of this feature

How Does Bundling Assets Benefit Your Business?

Here are a few ways this feature helps you work efficiently.

Streamlines the asset check-out/ check-in process

Bundling items that are frequently checked-out together cuts out a chunk of time spent on the process.

Lengthen asset lifespans

Whenever one asset is reserved for maintenance, the others in the bundle can also be sent for inspection and upkeep.

Applicable to a variety of assets

This includes quite a few physical assets like furniture, machinery, vehicles and more.

How to Assign Assets to A Bundle

Explore how to group fixed assets in our systems

In our Asset Tracking Software, users can bundle or group multiple assets through the “Assign” tool. You can start by adding an asset into our systems or selecting an existing asset.

With the Assign tool in the asset file, you can click on “Add New” to create your bundle. There, you can search for and select the existing assets you want to group together. The next step is to save the asset file to apply the bundle. Now you can check-out assets in bunches!

how to assign assets to a bundle

Moving Bundled Assets

How does Bundled Assets affect the Move Transaction?

Similar to checking-out grouped assets, our Asset Management Systems conduct Move Transactions on all items, equipment or tools that are in a bundle when one item is moved.

To perform a Move Transaction on bundled assets, select any asset in the desired bundle and the location it should be moved to. Once you click the “Process” button, our software records the change in location of all assets in that bundle.

moving bundled assets

System Configuration Settings for Check-Out / Check-In

Specifically for bundled or grouped assets

System Administrators can configure the check-out process for bundled assets. This is beneficial for companies that may want to link certain assets together without checking out an entire bundle all at once. Our asset tracking systems offers two options for this:

  • Check-Out / Check-In All Bundled Assets at Once: The classic use for bundled assets that allows users to select and scan any asset in the bundle to automatically check-out or check-in all assets included in the bundle.
  • Check-Out / Check-In Each Asset Separately: With this option selected, each asset in a bundle must be selected and scanned separately when conducting the Check-Out and Check-In transactions.
system configuration settings for checkout checkin

System Configuration Settings for Disposal

Specifically for bundled or grouped assets

System Administrators can also configure the Dispose Asset process for bundled assets. In our systems, administrators can enable or disable the Dispose feature for bundled assets as whole. Once enabled, if users decide to dispose an asset in a bundle or group, all assets in that pack will be disposed of automatically. If this option is disabled, users can dispose of assets in a bundle individually while still maintaining the bundle with other assets in the group.

system configuration settings for disposal

Not just for asset management

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