Eliminate password exhaustion and ease your worries

This integration brings secure Single Sign-On capability to our systems

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SAML integration for inventory control and asset tracking

Add another layer of security with SAML

You only need one password with our Inventory Management and Asset Tracking Software

The Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) integration brings our Inventory and Asset Tracking Systems cross-domain Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities. This integration lets you log in with the same set of credentials from another system, like Microsoft Active Directory or Google Workspace. SAML provides user authentication and improves user experience while securing your credentials.

total security with the saml integration

How Does the SAML 2.0 Integration Work?

Let’s break it down for you

This integration executes a protocol which manages and stores user credentials, allowing you to access all the applications that are connected to those credentials. Essentially functioning as a passport of sorts, SAML 2.0 redirects you to authenticate company credentials when you try to sign on, meaning less password-related headaches and better productivity. Instead of creating new credentials in our Inventory Control and Asset Management Software

how does saml integration works

Why use the SAML integration?

Here’s why this integration is beneficial for you Inventory and Asset Tracking Processes

  • Standardize security policies across your systems
  • Elevated and efficient user experience
  • Eliminate password exhaustion
  • Compliance with Data Privacy and Protection Legislation
why to use saml integration

Other Integrations

Here are more applications that you can integrate with our system

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