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The Best Asset Tracking Features for Your Business

How our system provides the 8 best features needed for your assets.

Asset tracking done right requires a versatile array of features that work together to track and secure any asset. Features need to be configurable, user friendly, and work to ensure that an asset is secure from the moment of its acquisition to the day of its retirement. That is exactly what our system offers and here, we’ll demonstrate how our award-winning software provides the 8 best features for asset tracking and beyond.

the best asset tracking features that for any business

Asset Tracking Features

The Essential Functions for Overseeing Your Assets

These assets focus on core asset movement, maintenance, and usage.

Map visualization

Map Visualization provides an internal world map, allowing users to add their addresses as well as create blueprints of storage locations. Users can design their blueprints to provide a detailed description of each asset’s location by room and shelf.

My Work Assets

My Work Assets creates a screen containing an entire organization’s assets, allowing users to view, check out, and request maintenance. It also serves as a central hub to report items that are broken or damaged.

Asset Check-Out/Check-In

Check-Out/Check-in allows assets to be reserved and checked out, as well as allowing users to establish due dates for an item’s return.

Maintenance Tracking

Maintenance can schedule alerts for routine maintenance and provide updates to administrators when maintenance is requested.

Asset Reporting Features

Features that Create Configurable Data About Asset use

These features automate the time-consuming task of data collection and reporting, and give business owners the insight needed to make the most of their assets.

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting creates configurable data reports on your assets. Their format can be edited according to your needs. The feature can also be programmed to schedule and edit reports easily, as well as let users save their favorite report layouts.

Asset Cycle Count

Physical Inventory/Asset Cycle Count takes all the guesswork out of finding assets using blind and dynamic cycle counts. The blind cycle count scans assets while hiding assets that can be easily found. The dynamic cycle counts sorts what is found into separate lists such as Found, To Be Found, and Unidentified.

Transactions Receipts

Transaction Receipts creates downloadable and printable receipts for every change in an asset’s status. It notifies users whenever an asset has been checked out, in, received, or disposed. This makes asset locations, statuses, and due dates for return easily and instantly accessible.


Depreciation generations configurable reports regarding an asset’s depreciation. Reportable data can be programmed according to a specific formula and the timeline for reporting can be modified according to fiscal year. The duration can be customized according to your preference and can even include figures such as asset costs and scrapping information.

Time Duration

On-Premise Only Time Duration can only be used for applications found on site. It establishes billing rates and increments for organizations and creates reports regarding the billing information for your assets.

Data Management Features

Import, Secure, and Store Sensitive Data with These Features

These data management provides advanced security to protect your most valuable data and asset information.

Data Import

Data Import integrates our asset tracking with other systems in use. It can take imported files and sort them according to chosen location, and creates a savable map once all corresponding area has been added.

Advanced Security

Advance Security allows users to design their security measures to be as simple or as elaborate as they need. It provides multiple levels of security and empowers users to create additional security levels to ensure your assets enter only the right hands.

Receive Assets

Receive Assets works alongside the Signature Capture Feature to track assets that are received. It can be used to receive assets through purchase orders and create backorder reports when individual items are missing.


History creates a complete overview of an asset’s lifespan. It records every instant of an asset being moved, checked out, or received. This makes the feature perfect for preparing for audits in a pinch by providing an overview of its history at your fingertips.

Approval and Organization Features

Features that Configure and Organize our System to Your Liking.

These features organize and protect your core businesses processes and help your asset tracking stay organized exactly the way you like it.

Approval Cycles

Approval Cycle creates additional protection when receiving purchase and sales orders. It accomplishes this by providing checkpoints that require a sales order or purchase go to two configured approvers chosen by administrators. Once approval has been made, all parties are notified through a clear graphical alert.

Note and Flag

Note and Flag attaches notes for all miscellaneous occasions regarding your assets. If information about an asset doesn’t quite seem to fit into the provided fields, this feature can be used to identify and attach important items to your dashboard. This gives you easy access to the most important assets and increases tracking ease and accuracy.

Signature Capture

Signature Capture can require a signature whenever an asset is checked out, received, or removed from use. It creates a data chain of the asset’s location and custody that is easily followable for managers. This feature can also be configured according to security settings, ensuring that assets only enter the possession of authorized users.


Alerts can be configured to notify management of important instances in an asset’s life cycle. Important information such as warranty and maintenance can all be customized, making sure that important deadlines are always met.

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