Asset Tracking Routing System

Asset Routing

See the locations of each of your asset’s routes within our asset tracking system

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Visual Asset Routes

See exactly where your assets are at all times

Our Asset Tracking Solution’s Routing Feature gives users the ability to track assets when being transported from one location to another daily or periodically.

visual asset routes

Benefits of Our Asset Routing Feature

Asset Route Tracking Includes:

Assets Transported

With this feature you’ll be able to see exactly which assets are being transported from one place to another.

Distance Traveled

Our Asset Tracking Routing feature will even tell you the exact distance your assets have traveled such as 30 feet or 6 miles.

Route Traveled

Our system will show you exactly which routes your assets have traveled. The routing feature will quickly show you the exact route your asset took on a digital map within our system.

Time Duration

Not only can we tell you the distance, but our system can also tell you the amount of time your assets took to get to their destination.

Asset Routing Mobile App

Scan Barcodes with Your Phone or Tablet

Utilize your personal or business-issued smartphones or tablet to quickly scan barcodes on your assets. You can then start routing those assets within our Asset Tracking Mobile Application and the Asset Routing Feature. Our mobile App works with any iOS or Android device but it must have a built in back-facing camera.

asset routing on mobile app

Set Asset Routing Locations

Our System will Easily Detect Nearby Locations

After your asset items arrive at their destinations, nearby locations that have already been entered into our software will instantly be displayed or can simply be added manually.

set asset routing locations
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