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How To Improve Your Asset Receiving Process

Receiving Process Explained

Our Asset Management software gives organizations the ability to streamline the process of Receiving Assets. Users have access to the Receive Assets feature, which allows them to receive Assets like tools and IT/AV equipment. Additionally, customers are given the option to select the place where the Assets will be received.

asset receiving process explained

Receive Assets Benefits

Here are the 4 main benefits you will receive from using this feature

  • Receive Assets to a particular person
  • Receive Assets to a Particular location
  • Receive Assets using a Purchase Order
  • Print hard copies of transaction receipts
receive assets benefits

How to Improve Your Receiving Process

Here is how our asset tracking software can help your business receive assets

Receive Assets to a Specific Location & Person

Users can specify the location where the asset is being received and the person the asset is assigned to using the Receive Assets Transaction.

Receive Assets via the Mobile App

With our Asset Tracking, Mobile Application, users can perform the Receive Assets Transaction whenever they would like. Users can conduct transactions directly through their mobile devices.

Manage Your Asset Backorders

The system will monitor the quantity on backorder when receiving assets in accordance with a purchase order. This way you will always be aware of how many assets are on backorder.

Generate and Print Barcodes

Barcodes can be generated and printed for assets directly from the Receive Transaction within our industry-leading Asset Management Software.

Admin Functionalities

Here’s what administrative users can do within our system

Admin can require or enable Signature Capture so users must sign off on Receive Transactions, as well as enable the Auto Save feature on the Web App so users don’t have to click the process button before scanning another asset.

sset receive admin function

Asset Tracking Mobile App

Receive Assets with the Mobile App

Just like on the web application, users can quickly conduct/perform the Receive Assets Transaction using our asset tracking system’s mobile application. Users can then enter all the necessary information into the mobile application, including the PO number, model, location where the assets will be received, and the person who will receive them. They can do all of this and more using their personal or business-issued mobile devices.

receive assets with the mobile app

Receive History

Keep Receipts of Transactions

Users of our Asset Management System can print paper receipts and download electronic receipts to review or summarize Receive Assets transactions. In other words, They can gain full visibility of the complete history of every received transaction completed, who completed them, where they completed them, and other important details.

asset receive history

Purchase Order Validation

Receive assets through Purchase Orders

Users can receive assets through Purchase Orders (POs), and the asset items will automatically be pre-populated with unique Asset numbers. This is if the admin decides to set the Receive Assets option to “Full Validation.”

Users can then choose who and where they want to receive the Assets. If any Assets were missing after processing, users can create a backorder quantity.

receive assets through purchase orders

Signature Capture Feature

Sign off on receive assets transactions

Admin Users can enable the Asset Tracking Signature Capture through the mobile app. This way, every time the Receive Assets Transaction is carried out, system users must sign off on them so the company can keep better accountability of completed transactions.

sign off on receive assets transactions
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