The Most Customizable Inventory and Asset Tracking System Hosting Option

Looking for a Self-Hosted Inventory System and Asset Tracking Software?

Host our Inventory and Asset Management application on your own hosting servers or with an application hosting provider

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self hosted inventory system asset tracking software

Want A Flexible Self-Hosted Inventory Management System and Asset Tracking Software?

With Our Application, We Provide Your Inventory and Asset Data Your Way

We’ve designed this Inventory Tracking and Asset Management application to be hosted by you or by a provider of your choice. With you hosting this application, you get access to our web-based Inventory and Asset Tracking System while hosting the database holding your inventory and data on your hosting servers! Self-hosting our system’s application puts you in control of your data, so you can customize how you store sensitive information according to your organization’s requirements.

self hosted inventory management software asset tracking system

Why Self-Host our Inventory Software and Asset Tracking System Application?

Learn how our self-hosting application can help you!

The Self-Hosted option for our industry-leading Inventory System and Asset Tracking Software presents a myriad of benefits to help your organization. This solution gives you:

Ultimate Control

With control over your own hosting servers, you get all the benefits of a web-based Inventory and Asset Tracking Application and will have complete control of your database.

Data Privacy

Self-hosting our inventory and asset management application on your own hosting servers gives you greater control over your data, essential for compliance with data protection regulations.


Our Self-Hosted application is easily scalable, so you can easily expand with us based on your organization’s changing needs.

How Does the Self-Hosted Inventory Management & Asset Tracking Application Work?

The perfect solution to fit your every need.

Our self-hosted system doesn’t just come as one broad system. To ensure our system perfectly meets your needs, we offer different forms of implementing self-hosted inventory and asset tracking. We want to provide users with a tailored system that fits their devices and business.

  • Step 1: After purchasing our Self-Hosted Inventory Tracking and Asset Management Software application, you can start the process of setting up our system.
  • Step 2: We work with you to configure our system exactly the way your organization needs it. This is also when you will set up your database on your chosen servers just the way you need it.
  • Step 3: Once you’ve completed that and logged your inventory and asset data into the system, you can access our inventory and asset tracking solution application online.
self hosted inventory management asset tracking software
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