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Sync up your user data, groups and attributes with our Inventory Management & Asset Tracking Systems for ease-of-use.

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active directory integration

Integrating Microsoft Azure Active Directory with Inventory and Assets

Seamlessly sync user data, user groups, user attributes and configure security settings across our Inventory and Asset Tracking Software

With the Active Directory Integration in our Inventory Control and Asset Management software, your organization’s existing data can be imported and synchronized across our system to provide you and your employees with easy access to the tools you need. This third-party integration provides your business with superior control over user attributes and access, translating into improved security, better password policies, an elevated user experience, seamless workflows and more!

integrating microsoft active directory with inventory and assets

Secure your inventory and asset data

Centralize your resource database and security administration with this integration

Our integration with Microsoft Active Directory gives you a single location where your assigned system administrators can manage and secure your network resources, important for organizations that need to comply with federal cybersecurity legislation. Simply put, you can set up access levels for the Inventory and Asset Tracking Systems users in Active Directory itself. This allows your organization to also standardize and effectively implement cyber security policies for your network, inventory and assets.

secure your inventory and asset data

Secure Single-Sign On (SSO) with Active Directory

Configure our Inventory Management and Asset Tracking System to log in with your AD credentials

Here are some reasons why we recommend enabling your system users to log in with SSO:

Improved password policies

With SSO, you can calibrate standard policies to secure your system by implementing regular password updates.

Decreased password exhaustion

With only one password to remember and update, users won’t lose their creativity when making new ones.

Cut down on IT helpdesk costs

Reduce a significant amount of credentials and password reset helpdesk tickets.

Sync user data, attribute, groups and mobile devices across our Inventory and Asset Tracking System

Save time and energy on manually logging in each piece of information.

In the integration interface, an administrator will have to click on “Integration Settings” and from there, connect their organization’s server and sync previously created groups from Active Directory into our Inventory Management and Asset Tracking Systems.

sync and attribute data across our inventory and Asset tracking system

Other Integrations

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Our Active Directory integration is beneficial, but our versatile systems also offer other integrations that may be great for your business. Learn more about our Inventory System and Asset Tracking Software’s other powerful integrations:

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