Standalone Inventory & Asset Management Software

A powerful cocktail of features to help your business manage inventory and assets

A simple system made for small businesses

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a powerful system that helps you manage your inventory and assets

End-to-End Inventory & Asset Management for Smaller Organizations

Just as powerful as the suite solution, optimized for smaller scale needs

We designed our Inventory Management System and Asset Tracking Software to be simple enough to understand, navigate, and configure while remaining powerful enough to handle any challenge thrown it’s way. We help organizations manage various assets (such as IT assets, equipment, and tools) from one or multiple locations. As well as various Inventory types like serialized inventory, standard inventory, Batch/Lot, Serialized with Quantity, and even Non-Inventory.

If your business grows in the future, the system will grow with you. Our Standalone system is perfect for small businesses who are looking for the perfect inventory or asset tracking system. We designed the Standalone system to only provide the features that you want, need, and know that you will use. This way we can help you to avoid spending extra money on tons of advanced features that you won’t even need.

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inventory and asset management for small organizations

Benefits for Small Businesses

Learn about how a Standalone Inventory & Asset Tracking Solution can help your organization

Automate Processes

Our software allows you to automate some of your management processes, letting you dedicate your time and manpower to other things.

Consolidate Data

Keep all your inventory and asset tracking information in one place and easily look up items in our organized system so you can speed up the location of information.

Cost efficient

The price tags on Inventory or Asset Tracking Solutions can be daunting but factoring in the sheer amount of money saved as a result, they’re a no brainer.

Facilitate Growth

Our system allows you to better plan for the future of your organization by allowing you to get a better picture of your expenditures.

Keep your Inventory & Assets in The Right Hands

Set up different access levels for users to keep your inventory and assets secure

Setting up user access levels makes your inventory and assets easily accessible by as many people as needed and/or wanted. In the standalone system, you can have users that range from administrators to department managers to view only users. It is important to note that all our default access levels can be configured, and you can create new ones to fit your security preferences. Here is the full list of default access levels available:


Have access to all configurations, features, and data.


Essentially the same as admin without some configurations and features.


Can perform transactions and can add new information.


Can perform transactions on existing information.


Have access to data but not configurations or features.

The Best Features for Small Businesses

Figure out which features you can benefit from and are best for your business

The number of features that our system offers is extensive. What sets us apart from any other system is that we allow you to choose only the features you need, so your inventory control and asset tracking remains efficient, quick, and user friendly. Some of our most popular features that small businesses tend to use are:

Check-Out / Check-In

The Check In / Check Out feature gives users the ability to reserve and check-out the assets they need while also allowing you to set up check-in due dates. This feature creates more accountability and ensures that your assets never go missing.

Audit Trail History

Our Inventory Management System and Asset Tracking Software will manage the history of each inventory and asset item within the system. This includes every location your inventory or assets have been, who checked them in or out, as well as a full maintenance and transaction history of every one of your inventory/assets.


Our Reporting feature is designed to deliver real-time data to administrators, from a quick look of your inventory and asset locations to detailed insights into an their history. Use this tool to analyze your inventory and asset data and make decisions for the future. Our reports are fully configurable to see only the data that is important to you.

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