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Check-Out / Check-In System Configurations

Streamline asset tracking workflows

What makes our Asset Check-Out Check-In Software stand out from others is the way our systems mold to your business needs. We want you and your employees to seamlessly work together as a unit, which is why our Asset Management Software is designed to be fully configurable. The assigned administrators that you assign will be able to configure system settings in the way that best fits your teams.

checkout checkin system configurations

What makes system configurations important?

Here’s why we want you to tailor the Equipment Check-Out/Check-in processes for your business.

Maximum synergy with your equipment

With the system configured to fit exactly, the asset data generated from your equipment gives you superior visibility and insight.

Optimizes asset lifecycle management

The check-out/check-in system in our software will be able to give you accurate data and reports on asset usage so you can manage your asset lifecycle easier.

Consistency across your workflows

With system configurations set in place, your organization now has a Standard Operating Procedure for the Check-Out/Check-In processes.

Ensures proper documentation of asset changes

Whenever an asset is checked-out/checked-in, the recipient will be able to notate any damages or flaws present on the asset in the system.

Check-Out Options

Explore what you can specify about the recipient of an asset

This setting lets system administrators specify how your equipment or tools will be checked-out. The options include:

  • To a specific location.
  • To a specific person
  • To both a specific location and person.
checkout options

Settings for the Check-Out/Check-In Feature

Configurable to your business policies and standards

Your assigned system administrators can specify settings to ensure compliance with company policies, procedures, and standards. These settings include:

  • Default due dates: Administrators can decide on a specific default timeframe for the return of an asset across the system
  • Specific times for due dates: Fixing a specific time on a due date provides standardization in operations and greater visibility asset activity.
  • Allowing special conditions: This setting provides flexibility for assets or equipment that might need to be checked-out indefinitely or under unforeseen circumstances
settings for the checkout checkin feature

Decide Which Assets Shouldn’t Be Checked-Out

Keep track on the condition of your equipment and tools

Our asset management software lets you or your system administrators decide whether assets with specific condition tags should be blacklisted. Once enabled, our systems will not allow assets with specified tags to be checked-out. We also provide an option where system administrators can force an asset return when specific condition tags are triggered.

These condition tags include: Good, Fair, Poor Used, Damaged

Crucial to keeping your assets in best condition, this gives your team the opportunity to address any maintenance issues or replace damaged assets. We made this simple and straightforward so it’s easy to implement preventative maintenance procedures.

decide which assets shouldn’t be checkedout

Stick to Your Maintenance Schedule

Blacklist items during their scheduled maintenance times

Similar to the Conditions Blacklist, our asset tracking software allows system administrators to restrict their users from checking-out assets within a specified time period of scheduled maintenance. This ensures that your damaged equipment or tools don’t deteriorate and allows you to prolong your asset’s lifecycle. Besides that, this Maintenance Due Blacklist setting also encourages your teams to adhere to schedules and avoid double-booking assets.

stick to your maintenance schedule

Settings for Returning Assets

Specify Your Check-In Options

You or your system administrators can choose from a few options on the procedures for the return of an asset. The options include:

  • Automatically returning the asset to the location it was checked-out from.
  • Automatically returning the asset to its “Home” location.
  • Returning to a location that the user-specified location.

All three of these options ensure that your asset’s return is well-documented, and its location is recorded for future transactions.

settings for returning assets

Not just for asset management

Explore what else you can do with our systems

We also offer options for inventory control software or combined solutions that manages both inventory and assets. We have the perfect long-term solutions to grow and scale up your business, no matter the size. Learn more about what options may work best for you through our demos!

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