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Chemical Inventory Management

A management software that shows you exactly where your chemicals are and provides real-time data on inventory levels.

With our inventory systems, you can also manage and control chemical barrels and drums that are moved to and from internal storage locations and customer sites. Our industry-leading Inventory System‘s long list of features helps you to easily meet compliance criteria such as inspection, cleaning, and refilling. Our Barcode Inventory system also helps you manage and categorize your chemicals in many ways. From serialized inventory to batched inventory we can help you with any inventory management challenge.

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Chemical Inventory Best Practices

Here are a few must-have features for anyone needing an inventory system to manage their chemicals.

Expiration Date Alerts

Chemical Inventory items should have expiration dates which would be categorized and tracked as batched inventory. Our Inventory System triggers alerts when each batch/drum will reach its expiration date.

Setting default Locations

Sometimes different types of chemicals become highly dangerous when stored together. Our Inventory System allows users to set default stocking locations to ensure that chemicals are put into a specified location.

Overstock Alerts

Chemicals should never be overstocked as overstocking potentially dangerous materials could lead to compound hazards. Our Chemical Inventory Management System takes care of this for you by sending out alerts to your team when a specified level of stock is approaching.


Having full visibility of what chemicals are available on site is very important to ensure that every chemical is used completely before its expiration date. Our Inventory System provides a full reporting feature to keep accurate records of your chemical data.

Better Chemical Inventory Management

Chemicals can be very dangerous so it’s important to have a system in place to help you manage them

When using paper records/trails to manage your inventory, the possibility of error increases. Paper records sometimes can work for small-scale laboratories but managing large facilities with hundreds of chemicals requires a different managerial approach. Our Chemical Management Software is the solution for any sized business or lab. It can track the full chemicals’ life cycle from receipt to disposal. Our Inventory System will save you lots of time, resources, and will always provide you with accurate data.

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Servpro of the Seacoast

Our big need was to have current asset inventory and be able to track where our assets are across multiple sites across the state

Nyle Clark - Manager at Servpro of the Seacoast

Chemical Inventory Tracking Features

Here are some basic features our Inventory Management system can offer the chemical industry

  • Receive & Issue
  • Receive using PO’s and issue against SO’s
  • Multi-Site Compatibility
  • Allows separating inventory between different warehouses
  • Issue Out to Anyone
  • Issue to Customers / Jobs / Production / Scrap
  • Automatic Reorder Inventory Reminders
  • Set Up Automatic Reorder by Quantity
  • Inventory Counts
  • Conduct Physical Inventory and Cycle Count
  • Create & Configure Lists
  • Create Inventory Catalogs
  • Create Bill Of Materials (BOM)
  • Generate Pick Lists

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