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cloud based inventory control and asset management system

Why use a Cloud-Hosted Inventory and Asset Tracking System?

Simplify Your System for Staff and IT with Centralized Inventory and Asset Tracking That Updates in Real Time.

Choosing our cloud-hosted solution lets us handle security and IT responsibilities on your behalf to ease your worries. This is perfect for organizations who want state-of-the art security while still being able to relieve their staff of the headaches that come with setup and maintenance. Best of all, our Cloud-Hosted Inventory and Asset tracking Software is highly flexible. Users can choose between letting us handle the setup, maintaining security, and managing their own system for greater control.

most secure and powerfull cloud based inventory and asset tracking system

The Best Features of a Cloud-Hosted Inventory and Asset Tracking Software

How the Tools of a Cloud-Hosted Approach can Better Your Business.

Using a Cloud-hosted approach for an Inventory System and Asset Tracking Software can provide more benefits than just freeing up responsibility for staff and IT. Here are a few examples of how our cloud-hosted option can enhance your inventory and asset tracking can include:

Unique Features

Offline operating made possible by using our cloud makes it impossible for your tracking to go out of commission. Cloud-hosted Inventory Control and Asset tracking makes sure you can continue to track multiple locations without even needing an internet connection.

Sleek and Configurable Interface

Our cloud-hosted system user interface is always at the forefront of innovation. We are committed to making our interface the most intuitive, sleekest, and most customizable on the market. This means nearly every aspect can be modified exactly to your liking.

Less Hassle for IT

Easy setup and web use means less work for the IT department, lightening their workload and saving time and money.

Pay for What You Need

Cloud-hosted tracking is provided as a subscription, with cost based on different tiers. This allows you to implement our system by choosing a tier with features that’s perfect for you.

Configuring Your Cloud-Hosted Tracking

Choose from 2 Different Options for Greater Customization and Control.

Upon selecting our system, you will have 2 different implementation options for our cloud-hosted Inventory and asset management software, allowing for a perfectly tailored system that meets your business’s unique needs.

Option 1: A Traditional Cloud-hosted Server:

This is the standard method of a cloud-hosted system. Users can sync their devices in real time to a server that we host.
Classic Cloud Based

Option 2: A Dedicated Cloud-hosted Server:

Like Option 1, this creates a server that we host for your business. The difference is that the server we host is reserved exclusively only for your business. This option also provides a sandbox function that can be used for testing new processes.
dedicated server

We also have Self-Hosted and On-Premise options, check out our On-Premise or Self-Hosted Solutions pages to learn more.

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