My Work Assets

An Asset Tracking Solution for Company-Owned Assets

Employees can view and browse assigned assets and request from a catalog of available items

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Manage Your Own Assets

An innovative digital store interface for requesting shared resources

The My Work Assets feature is a one-of-a-kind feature that we designed ourselves to make you and your staff’s lives easier. Manage company-own resources and items with the same system you would control your assets. This feature is unique to us, which means we are the only company out there that can provide this feature for you and we know that you’ll love it.

Our unique feature essentially looks and functions like a digital store, but you can do so much more. Through the feature, users or non-users of the system can request possession, calibration, and disposal or report assets missing or in need of repair. This feature comes with 20 free users and makes it easy to manage your most basic Asset Tracking needs, so our software remains user-friendly and easy to use.

manage your own assets with my work assets

Reservations Request

Request permission to check-out any asset you see in the software

Once you find an asset that you would like to reserve, all you have to do is click a button and the software will send an alert to an administrator to approve your request. Through this feature, you can choose whether you want to possess the asset temporarily or permanently.

assets requests permission

Maintenance Request

Ensure your assets are in good shape by requesting maintenance

Certain My Work Assets shoppers can be set as Maintenance Requestors in the Admin Functions. Whenever an asset that is under their or their subordinate’s custody needs repair or maintenance, they can request it in the software which will send an alert that maintenance has been requested.

assets maintenance requests

Request Disposal or Report Something Missing

Use our My Work Assets feature to note when something is missing or needs to be disposed of

When something reaches its end-of-life (EoL), you can request disposal through the system. You can also report assets missing or broken so this can get entered into the system and you can be assigned or reserve a new asset. This allows you to have greater visibility of what assets need to be replaced, so you can save money by not buying too many.

request disposal with our my work assets feature
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