On Premise Hosting Option

Inventory Management and Asset Tracking from Home Base

Superior control over your system security with the On-Premise Inventory Control and Asset Management System

control your system security with the on premise inventory control and asset management

A Home-field advantage in Securing Your Inventory and Assets

Secure your data your way with on-premise tracking.

The base of operations is where an organization’s security needs to be strongest to secure client data and protect business interest. With Our On-Premise Hosting, users gain total control over the security of their system. On-premise serves can be given as many security layers as they see fit and can work even offline. This brings unwavering reliability and configurability in your system’s security ensures there are no gaps in your defense.

on premise hosting system inventory and asset management

The Benefits of On-Premise Hosting

How Having On-Site Servers Maximizes Your Security While Minimizing Your Costs.

On-premise hosting provides immediate and significant benefits to all businesses that use it. Here are just a few examples of how hosting Inventory Management and Asset Tracking Systems on site can upgrade your security and save you money.

Pay in One Go

The On-Premise Hosting Solution can be purchased at a single static price, eliminating recurring costs accrued using other on-premise methods.

Offline Asset Tracking

Being able to operate your systems offline means your security system never gives out on you, keeping your data secure and your operations smooth.

Maximize Security

Security configurations provide endless options for customizations, meaning your security can be as airtight as needed.

On-Premise Inventory & Asset Tracking Options

Find the perfect on-site solution to fit your every need.

Our on-premise system doesn’t just come as one broad system. To ensure your system meets your specific needs, we offer three different forms of implementing on-premise tracking. This provides users with a tailored system that fits their business model perfectly.

Option 1: Offline Inventory Management & Asset Tracking

Offline Inventory and Asset Tracking ensures your system persists through any situation by being able to operate without the web. It synchronizes with your database using cables instead of Wi-Fi, making sure your system never breaks down in a pinch.
online solution

Option 2: Online Inventory Control and Asset Tracking

Online Inventory and Asset Tracking works very similar to offline tracking. The additional advantage comes from being able to synchronize with other systems instantly once connected to the internet.
online solution

Option 3: Cloud Hosted Software

Cloud-Hosted Software lets us handle information storage and security for you. It houses all your information on our cloud, while still providing an on-premise application.
cloud hosted software

We also have Cloud-Based options, check out our Cloud-Base Solutions page to learn more.

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