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Our Inventory Requisition Feature is one of our customers’ favorite features that we provide within our Inventory Management System. This feature is one of a kind, meaning that no other company can provide you with this feature and its capabilities. Basically, our system will take the inventory items that you entered into the system and create an internal digital storefront interface with only the inventory items that are available to be requested.

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How It Works

Learn how the Inventory Requisition feature functions for your staff

This feature allows all your staff and pre-authorized non-system users to browse and request the available inventory within your organization. Requestors can simply browse through the available inventory items, request the items they need, and after approval by their managers or Administrators, their items will be packed and shipped to them, the “requestor”.

learn how the Inventory requisition feature functions

Inventory Requisition feature benefits

Here are the benefits of our one-of-a-kind feature

Designed for Everyone

We designed the Inventory Requisition Feature to be used by all designated employees. Every employee within your organization can use this feature and benefit from using it.

Easy to Use

The Inventory Requisition Feature lays out all the available inventory for you in the most user-friendly way so you can request inventory quickly and easily.

Increases Visibility

The Inventory Requisition Feature provides more visibly of your organization’s available inventory than you could ever have imagined.

Enhances Inventory Workflow

This one-of-a-kind feature creates a more cost effective and productive work environment and enhances inventory replenishment procedures.

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