Approval Cycles for Inventory Requisitions

Multiple levels of validation in our Inventory Management Software

Ensure that your shared resources and inventory items stay in the right hands

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Approval Cycles for Requesting Shared Resources

Use multiple levels of authorization to efficiently control your inventory

Our Inventory Management Software provides automated Approval Cycles to help your organization manage shared resources that employees use. The Approval Cycle process establishes a straightforward line of communication which helps your team work more efficiently. These automated cycles can consist of one or more approvers, which ensures multiple levels of validation without creating extra work.

How Approval Cycles Work for Inventory Requisitions?

Learn how multiple levels of validation work with our interface.

Your system administrators can choose to enable up to 3 levels of approvals for an inventory requisition request from users who have Requestor access. Regardless of your preference on that, everyone involved in the request, including all Approvers and the Requestor, will automatically receive a text or email alert once the request is submitted.

Benefits of Automating Approval Cycles

How implementing approval cycles can help your organization

Provides Transparency

Our Inventory System approval cycles clearly communicate the highly collaborative inter-departmental decision-making process

Standardized operating procedures

We help you boost efficiency and productivity by providing standard automated workflows for easy management

Effortless quality control

With decisions at every stage documented and multiple checkpoints, human error can be decreased

Check on The Status of Your Inventory Requisition

Learn how to view the progress your inventory requests

The Inventory Requisition tool provides Requestors the ability to view the real-time progress of their request. Users with Requestor access can see whether their inventory items request is open, pending, approved or rejected. This also shows users the time and date of their request, keeping them in the loop on the approval status of their request. It also allows them to follow up on a request if there has been a delay or lack of response from the approver.

Approving Inventory Requisitions

Learn how to approve inventory requests

A manager with the designated approver access would be able to approve or reject a request in the Inventory Requisition tool. This side of the approval process is not available to Requestors as it is part of role-based user access that our systems utilize. At this point, the approver can also edit the inventory item request to include notes or other necessary details.

Setting up Approval Cycles Notifications

Learn how to configure the alerts settings for Inventory Requisition Approval Cycles

You or your system administrators can customize notifications that users receive in the Inventory Requisition process in our Inventory Management Software. Control who receives alerts on approval requests, approval progress. These alerts can be received through text messages or emails.

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