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Upgrade your asset management software with preventive maintenance solutions to help you stay on top of your equipment.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Maintenance tracking helps you keep your equipment well-oiled, ready for when you need it most.

Fewer things can cause more frustration for a business than discovering the asset they needed is unfit for use due to lack of maintenance. Proper upkeep of an equipment’s condition is vital in order to get the most out of its life cycle. To meet this essential need, our system provides maintenance tracking. It provides users with scheduled notifications of when maintenance is needed, allowing businesses to spend less time responding to asset loss and more time preventing it.

asset maintenance helps organizations to track their equipments

No More Broken Assets

Never worry about an asset being broken when you need it with our asset maintenance software

Regular maintenance does so much more than prevent asset loss and failure. It can also make the entire workday run more smoothly for staff and facility managers. Regular maintenance means preventative maintenance, empowering staff to solve small problems before they become big ones. This creates a pattern of preemptive elimination of workplace problems or hazards, which means an improved quality life for workers while trimming operational costs by avoiding surprise repairs.

with our maintanace tracking no more broken assets

Why Use Our Asset Maintenance Feature?

Maintain your assets and more with Barcloud

To provide the best experience in asset maintenance, we’ve ensured that our software has all the features needed for it to function as a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).


Configurable reports create a full breakdown of an organization’s maintenance practices, providing workers with the foresight needed to predict when repairs are needed.


Customizable Alerts allow administrators to receive requests for asset maintenance in real time or can be set to the system’s calendar for future dates when support is needed.


The full history view creates a comprehensive overview of an organization’s maintenance history. This allows administrators to generate detailed reports for both short-term and long-term planning.

My Work Assets

Asset Maintenance is smoothly integrated into the My Work Assets Feature, allowing staff to request maintenance directly for items in their care.

Request Maintenance

Users and Non-Users can make requests for maintenance

Delegating specific processes to separate systems is an invitation to chaos. It can result in lapses in communication and increases frustration for both staff and clients. High-effort and high-cost solutions must be avoided for any organization to succeed.

That’s why we are committed to creating an all-inclusive solution for everything pertaining to assets and their upkeep. To accomplish this, we’ve ensured that both users and non-users can request maintenance all under the umbrella of a single system. Being able to request maintenance while using the same system to respond to maintenance requests keeps everyone updated and on the same page.

requests for assets maintenance

Schedule Maintenance

Once maintenance has been requested, you can move forward to schedule it

Good asset lifecycle management means maximizing an asset’s ability as much as possible. With the flexibility of our Schedule Maintenance feature, your assets upkeep can be maintained through all four phases of your item’s lifecycle. Whether your item is in the phase of planning, acquisition, maintenance, or disposal, our schedule maintenance function can be tailored to your exact needs.

The Schedule Maintenance Feature allows users to create automatic recurring requests for maintenance on a specific item. With this, a user never has to worry about missing important deadlines for important inspections and repairs. In addition, a scheduled maintenance request can also be requested on demand, so that when accidents do happen, they can be given a swift response and solution.

schedule maintenance for damaged assets

Perform Maintenance

Keep track of information about the maintenance as well as requesting and scheduling

No asset-maintenance system would be complete without a feature to track the actual process of performing maintenance. Using this view provides clear and complete information regarding who is conducting maintenance, where it is being performed, and the time frame of the asset’s expected return.

Better yet, this feature allows for pictures to be attached as well as special notes on what type of maintenance was performed. This can also be used to include important documents such as manuals and warranty information. This provides a positive, low-effort experience for completed work orders and guarantees greater invisibility for staff and clients alike.

asset perform maintenance process
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