Inventory Control and Asset Management for Company Owned Resources

Monitor your Inventory and Assets in One Place

All staff and employees can view and browse assigned assets as well as request from a catalog of available items.

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all staff and employees can view browse and request items

Manage Your Internal Inventory and Assets

Request for shared resources from an internal digital storefront

Inventory Requisition/My Work Assets Users can log in to see all the Inventory and assets that are available within the system. They can also perform custody requests and Check-out reservations to request certain Inventory Items and Assets for a specific amount of time. Not only can they Perform custody requests and check-out reservations, but they can also put in maintenance tickets to request Maintenance for certain Inventory and assets as well.

manage your internal recourses with our inventory requisition and my work assets

View Only Users

Get insights on inventory and asset data to make better decisions.

View Only Users can only view information that they have access to. However, they cannot configure, add, or edit anything unless authorized by an administrator. View Only Users typically can see:

  • Preexisting Reports
  • The inventory/assets on hand
  • Historical information

These types of users are usually higher-ups who just want to check in on what is going on within the system without needing to make edits or configuration changes.

all staff and employees will get better visibility on the assets and inventory
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