Google Workspace Integration

Easier control over user data and security attributes

Sync up your data with our Inventory Management and Asset Tracking Systems

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google workspace integration

Sign in with Your Google Account

Enable SSO in the integration configurations to log in with Google

In the “Map Person Fields” Section of the integration configurations, users can enable Single Sign On (SSO) and choose which accounts will be authorized to use it. For users accessing our Web App through Chrome, signing in will be as easy as clicking a button as our Asset Tracking Software will automatically sign in using the account logged into Chrome.

sign in with your google account to integrate with our software

Configure Security and Access

Assign Security Levels to users so they only have access to the features they need

The integration configurations allow you to give or restrict access to features. You can choose to assign users to our pre-made security levels or create your own security levels based on your organization’s needs. The configurations also give you the capability to set and change the default security level for users.

assign security levels to users

Sync Users Across Platforms

Move people from Google Workspace to our Asset Tracking Solution with ease.

In the “Map Person Fields” sections, choose which attributes for the person files correspond with which attributes in our system. From there, all you have to do is choose whether these people will be entered into the software as “People” or “Users” and click Sync. People are individuals who cannot use the system but can still be assigned assets and Users are people who can do both.

sync users from google workspace to our software

Efficiently Sync your Devices

Chromebooks, Mobile Devices and more can also be synced with this cutting-edge integration

Similar to mapping and syncing people, there are “Map Devices” and “Sync Devices” fields in our software. These sections work almost identically to the corresponding sections for people where all you have to do is link corresponding fields in both systems and then click a button.

sync your devices with google workspace

Our Other Integrations

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Our Google Workspace integration is beneficial, especially for industries like the Education industry who use it extensively, but we offer more. Learn more about our Asset Solution’s other powerful integrations:

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