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military inventory control and asset management systems

What is The Best Military Inventory and Asset Management Software?

We help you keep your inventory and assets on your radar at all times

Military Branches need military-grade software. Whether you’re the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, National Guard, Coast Guard, or even military contractors, we have an Inventory Management and Asset Tracking System for you. We designed our systems for the Military to help all Military branches with their Inventory and asset management needs.

The powerful Military Inventory and asset management system provides real-time statuses and prevents loss of control or shortages of material to meet operational requirements. Our Systems not only make your inventory and assets more secure, but they also make daily military transactions processes easier and less tedious. With our systems, Military branches are equipped with accurate and necessary data to make effective decisions.

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inventory management and asset tracking for all military branches

Military Multisite System

Manage Military Inventory Items and Assets Within Multiple Sites

We know that most Military headquarters tend to have multiple Bases offshore and onshore with different inventory items and assets that need to be managed. Our Military Inventory Control and Asset Tracking Solutions can provide visibility across multiple bases without making you purchase separate systems for each base.

Our Multisite System allows the different bases to share a master database with only access to their own independent content and data. Only the headquarters possesses the power to access, view all data and run global reports from all bases. This system is completely unique to us, which means other companies cannot provide you with this capability. They will almost always make you purchase separate systems.

track your military inventory and assets within multiple locations

Military Inventory and Asset Tracking Advantages

Most Popular Advantages of our Military Management Solutions

Manage Inventory, Assets, or Both

With our systems, you can either Manage Inventory with our inventory systems or Assets with our asset tracking system. You can also manage both under one system worldwide with our combined system.

Perform Physical Inventory Counts

Manage your military inventory items within your multiple locations and bases. You can perform inventory counts to make sure all your items are where they need to be and edit the report if they have shifted.

Generate & configure unlimited Reports

Our systems come with a variety of default Military Reports that you can generate and configure to include only the information you need in a way that is understandable to you.

Schedule, Perform, and Request Maintenance

The Military doesn’t have time to waste when it comes to serving our country. You can be proactive by Scheduling, Performing, and Requesting Maintenance of Military assets within our systems.

Military Inventory and Asset Tracking Basic Features

Here are just some of our basic and advanced Inventory and asset features for the Military

To learn more about specific features, please explore the Inventory Management System Features or the Asset Management Software Features.


  • Import Inventory Data
  • Export Inventory Data
  • Receive inventory
  • Move inventory
  • Issue Inventory
  • Transfer Inventory
  • Configurable reports
  • Set Min/Max levels
  • Set General Alerts
  • Manage Purchase Orders
  • Manage Sales Orders
  • UPC lookup function
  • Inventory Data Analytics
  • Adjust Transactions
  • View Historical Inventory Data
  • AI generated forecasting
  • Create Inventory Picklists
  • Note & Flag inventory items
  • Manage default Locations
  • Pack & Ship Inventory


  • Import Data
  • Export Data
  • Receive Transactions
  • Move Transactions
  • Check-Out Assets
  • Check-In Assets
  • General Alerts
  • End-of-life Alerts
  • Reporting
  • Reservations & Planning
  • Comprehensive historical records
  • Maintenance Tracking
  • Depreciation
  • UPC Lookup
  • Data Analytics
  • Note & Flag

Inventory Requisition and My Work Assets for Military

Our two interfaces that display all Military Branches Inventory and asset items for you

The Inventory Requisition and My Work Assets features essentially allow the Military to view all the inventory or assets they own and request temporary custody of these items. On the asset side, they can also request maintenance or report items missing. The best part is you don’t need to be a user of the system to use these features. Anyone who is granted access through our security controls can reserve your inventory or assets.

If you would like more in depth explanations of these features, you can find them in the “Our Systems” section of the Products tab in the menu above.

inventory requisition and my work assets that helps military entities to view inventory

Hosting Options for Military Inventory Management and Asset Tracking

We have three hosting options to choose from for any of our Military systems

Our Cloud-Hosting option gives us more control over the security of your system while the On-Premise option puts all your security in your hands. The Self Hosting option lets you host our application on your own hosting servers or with an application hosting service

Our on-premise and self-hosted are the more popular choices for military divisions because they have complete control over system set-ups. The On-Premise Solution gives the military full control over the security of their inventory and asset data. Our Cloud-Hosted system is extremely secure as well, but we do the heavy lifting and host your database on our secure servers, significantly decreasing less work for your IT department.

military hosting options

Military DD Form 1149 Integration

See how our Inventory Control and Asset Tracking systems can integrate with this form

Our Military Inventory systems and asset tracking software increases the efficiency of the Department of Defense by allowing the integration of Form DD 1149. The System’s DD Form 1149 integration drop-downs will have your specific information automatically populated, or users may manually input if information needs an override.

military DD form1149 integration

Military Inventory and Asset Tracking Mobile App

Manage your inventory and assets with your mobile devices

Our mobile app allows Military personnel to perform day-to-day inventory management and asset tracking transactions at anytime, anywhere with mobile barcode scanners. With our seamless mobile app, the military can quickly and easily Receive and Issue military inventory or assign equipment. Members of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and defense contractors can use our powerful System’s mobile app for managing inventory, assets, or both while on the move.

our tool tracking mobile app
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