Digital Interface to Browse Through Shared Resources

User-Friendly platform for employees to internally shop for available inventory

View and request available shared resources in your Inventory Management Software

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Digital Interface for Browsing Available Shared Resources

See which inventory items are available for use

We make it easy for you and your employees to view available shared resources in your organization with the Inventory Requisition tool in our Inventory Control Software. Now, all it takes is a few clicks to request an item in real time through an automated process. Leave the hassle of manually filling in forms and misplacing items behind with our systems to increase your return-on-investment and streamline your inventory management workflows.

digital interface for browsing shared resources

Easy-Breezy Internal Inventory Control

Designed for all employees

We understand that some of your employees don’t necessarily interact with our Inventory Management System on a daily basis. That’s why we designed our systems to be user-oriented with a short learning curve. Our software presents your shared resources in an internal marketplace of sorts, where users can scroll through and click on available inventory to reserve or request them.

designed for all employees to reserve inventory

How Does this Digital Interface Work

Find out how users interact with our user-oriented Inventory Requisition platform

Users with Requestor access can:

  • Use the search bar to lookup specific inventory items
  • See the on-hand quantity of each item
  • See essential data of each item, including serial numbers and units of measurement
  • Filter categories to find desired inventory items
  • Flag categories according to priority
how does this digital interface work

Not just for inventory control

Explore what else you can do with our systems

We also offer options for Asset Management Software or Combined Solutions that manages both inventory and assets. We have the perfect long-term solutions to grow and scale up your business, no matter the size. Learn more about what options may work best for you through our demos!

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