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Want a Way to Shop Inventory from Your Warehouses, Stockrooms or Offices?

We provide you with a digital catalog of inventory from the inventory management system in your organization

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the best inventory management app

A Smarter Way to Request Inventory

Ever looked for a mobile app to shop for your organization’s inventory?

We have the best solution for you with our brand-new inventory shopping mobile app, CartCloud! We’ve brought to life one of our customer favorite features in our inventory system, Inventory Requisition, and made it into an easy-to-use application for your convenience! With the mobile inventory shopping app, your users will be able to:

  • Browse for available inventory in your facilities
  • Submit and view details on inventory requests
  • Get real-time updates on Approval Statuses and more!

What Does an Inventory Shopping System Look Like?

Take a sneak peek at our latest mobile app

Check out the new Inventory Management Shopping App in action! We’ve made inventory tracking easier than ever for more efficient workflows, making time-consuming manual management tasks a thing of the past.

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what is an inventory shopping cart

Shop Items from YOUR Inventory System

Learn how our inventory shopping app works for you

We’ve designed an app that is basically a digital storefront for the items in your facilities, warehouses, stockrooms and more. The app gives you a platform to browse through the stock items in your inventory management system and request them in one smooth process.

  • Pick the inventory item you need
  • Add it to your shopping cart
  • Pick the location where the items will be collected
  • Check-out to request for approvals
shop items from your inventory system

Stay Updated on Your Inventory Requisitions

Keep track of the requests you’ve submitted

Ours is a comprehensive mobile inventory app that gives you more than just a way to request items. With CartCloud, users will be able to check all details of their request, including real-time updates on approval status, fulfillment location, and more. Additionally, you will be able to also get insights on:

  • Inventory levels in your facilities
  • The availability of stock items
  • And more!
stay updated on you inventory requisition

Control Who Can Access Your Inventory

Configurable and customizable user access

Similar to our inventory software, you have complete power over your inventory. Configure user access in your settings to ensure that only the people authorized to request your inventory are allowed to do so. This could be for your customers, vendors as well as your employees. Keep in mind that multiple mobile licenses can be purchased if you need more.

Speak to a representative to find out more about our mobile licenses!

control who can access your inventory

Conveniently Request Inventory from Wherever You Are!

Streamlined Inventory Requisitions with our mobile app

Save time with our inventory shopping app! You can complete and submit inventory requests from anywhere you are, whether you’re on a jobsite, in the warehouse or outside the office. We designed the application as a companion to our Inventory Tracking Software. With our inventory shopping app, you won’t have to run for a computer every time you want to request for inventory.

shop your own inventory wherever you are
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