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zapier integration for asset tracking management

Asset Tracking with Zapier

Skip the mundane task with automation and elevated user experience

Our Integration with Zapier provides your business with superior configurability so you can customize workflows that best fit your business’ asset tracking needs. Zapier’s platform is capable of connecting our Asset Management Software to more than 4,000 web-based applications, helping you optimize and automate tasks so your employees and stakeholders can focus on business.

provide your asset tracking system a superior configurability with zapier

What is Zapier?

How can it help with Asset Tracking?

Think of Zapier as the material that allows Legos to stick together when attached. In that sense, our Asset Tracking System is the foundation upon which you and your business can add necessary applications or functionalities through Zapier. Define a trigger specific to your assets and the next actions that should follow that trigger and you have an automated workflow that helps your operations run efficiently. This will clear up some of your employees’ repetitive work to help them focus better on more hands-on tasks that require complete concentration.

how can zapier help with asset tracking system

Collaboration synced with business intelligence

Choose the functionalities you need

With Zapier, you can trigger changes in your assets to reverberate across resources and programs your business already uses. For example, adding a row in a Spreadsheet or Excel file when your assets undergo maintenance. Besides the in-house automated alerts related to your assets, you can also configure notifications to come in through your preferred communication platform, whether that’s Slack, Teams, text messages or emails.

collaboration synced with business intelligence

Other Integrations

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