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View My Asset Items

Our Asset Tracking System’s My Work Assets Add On allows users to see not only all the available assets within the entire organization, but also all the items assigned to them specifically or to the people in their departments. The My Work Assets Management Tool helps users see the asset items that were assigned to them by their company/organization.

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Asset Tracking Software

Browse and request assets assigned to you, your department, or within your organization

The My Work Assets Add On is basically a digital storefront of all your organization’s available assets. You can browse and search for the assets you need, add them to your cart, and submit a request for them. There are three ways that you can view assets, tools, and equipment in the My Work Assets Add On:

View My Items

You can view only the asset items that are assigned to you by your administrators

View Department Assets

If you are a site manager and you have people who report to you, you will be able to view your asset items and the assets that are assigned to each person within your department site.

View All Available Assets

Not only can you view the assets assigned to you or your department, but you can also view all the available assets within your entire organization.

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