Inventory and Asset Tracking Software Made for Schools

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inventory and asset tracking systems made for the education industry

Schools Need Inventory and Asset Tracking

Why Choosing Inventory and Asset Management Software is Essential for Your School

In order to provide a productive and positive teaching environment for both students and faculty, a school must be both efficient and transparent in handling of inventory and assets. But without a proper system, managing them can be stressful, time consuming, and costly. For schools that have inventory and assets spread across multiple sites, managing them can become even more daunting.

That’s why we’re here to help. With our Inventory Control and asset management software, Schools, Districts, Colleges, and Universities can secure their inventory and assets and stay in the know every time an item changes ownership. By doing so, schools enjoy greater control over their budgets and adopt the best business practices for maximum accountability. All the while, tedious time-consuming tasks that can take hours are trimmed down to a matter of minutes.

inventory and asset tracking systems made for the education industry

The Best Features for School Inventory and Asset Tracking

Always stay on top of Audits by Harnessing the Power of These Features

Successful Inventory and asset management software requires a well-rounded array of features that can be configured to meet the unique needs of every School, District, College, or University. By incorporating our system, users will have all the tools they need.

Check Out/In Your School’s Assets

Check-Out/Check In oversees the process of items being checked out by students and faculty. Assets being checked out can be scanned, automatically updating the asset’s status.

Increase Accountability within your District

Advanced Security on Inventory and Asset Transactions allows schools to have full control over who is authorized and what they can access.

Set Due Dates for Students and Staff

Due Dates can be used to notify users when a pending due date draws near as well as when an asset becomes past due.

Keep an Accurate Active Directory

Active Directory allows for easy synchronization of your system, ensuring that all your data always stays up to date.

Manage Inventory & Assets within Multiple Sites

Multi-Site Functionality makes managing multiple sites easy. It seamlessly integrates data from every site into one system and can be accessed from any site.

Schedule and Perform Maintenance

Scheduling and performing maintenance ensures the proper care of assets throughout their life cycle. It provides reminders of when an asset requires maintenance and simplifies asset disposal.

Inventory Requisition and My Work Assets Add-Ons

Our two add-Ons that show all your organization’s available Inventory and asset items

The Inventory Requisition and My Work Assets Add-Ons allow you to view all your organization’s inventory or assets and request temporary custody of these items. With these add-ons, you don’t need to be a user of the system to use them. Anyone who is given access through our security controls can reserve your inventory or assets. For example, teachers or professors who need lab equipment or an extra desktop for their classroom can go to the my work assets or inventory requisition interface and browse through all available inventory and assets within their school or district. Then they can request or reserve them temporarily without needing to purchase new ones.

inventory requisition and my work assets that helps the education industry to view inventory

Challenges Schools Might Face

Our systems can help any school or district overcome it’s challenges

Breakdowns in communication between different departments can be detrimental for a School, District, College, or University to overcome its challenges. Important officials can be left in the dark regarding important decisions, and faculty can struggle to keep up with technical terminology. These issues can compound and cause schools and even entire school districts to fail in effective enterprise resource planning (ERP). With our systems, schools can quickly organize their inventory and assets such as av equipment, Library books, laptops, desks and chairs, art supplies, and more.

educational entities can consolidate their data with our enterprise solutions

The Solution? Consolidate Your Data with Our Systems.

Here is How Our Systems Can Elevate Your Approach to Enterprise Resource Planning

They integrate information from across every department and consolidate it in one place. Using this gives administrators a systemic overview of their entire school or district while still being able to divide the data up based on department or work site. This makes managing your data simple and easy while being able to be as broad or as granular as you want.

our best in class system is the solution for all educational industry

Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Switching to implementing an inventory, asset, or combined system is the smart choice

It is extremely inefficient and costly to manage an entire school’s worth of inventory and assets through manual data entry using just excel spreadsheets and paper trials. Manual data entry can also lead to many human errors and will ultimately make operations at your school extremely unorganized. Our systems can help you by:

  • Organizing your preexisting data through our import feature
  • Allowing you to easily enter any new items into our system
  • Giving you full visibility over all your items and who has them
  • Predicting when you need to restock or perform Maintenance
track educational inventory and assets without manual data entry

Inventory and Asset Tracking Systems for All Educational Institutions

We have a variety of systems that can help any educational institution manage their inventory and assets

  • K-12 Schools
  • Elementary Schools
  • Private Schools
  • Public schools
  • Public Charter Schools
  • International Schools
  • High Schools

  • Music Schools
  • Theatre schools
  • Art Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Schools Districts
  • and so much more...

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