Asset Cycle Counts

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Know When Your Assets Go Missing

Our Asset Cycle Counts feature identifies missing assets for you

We understand that with equipment constantly being checked-out and checked-in, it can be hard to keep track of which assets have been misplaced or lost, especially if you’re managing your assets manually through a spreadsheet.

Our Asset Management Software is designed to make the asset count process simple, easy, and accurate, where you’re tracking IT equipment or office supplies. With our Asset Cycle Count feature, you can easily identify missing assets and streamline your asset tracking workflows.

know when your assets go missing

How Does Asset Cycle Counts Work?

Learn how this feature works in our Asset Tracking Software

The Asset Cycle Counts is available both on our browser application and our Mobile App, compatible with iOS and Android devices. Your system administrators are able to fully configure this feature to their needs.

how does asset cycle counts work

The Two Types of Asset Cycle Counts

Learn about the options offered in this feature of our Asset Management Solution

We offer two methods of Asset Cycle Counts in our asset management systems that system administrators can choose to enable. This includes:

  • Blind Asset Cycle Count
  • Dynamic Asset Cycle Count
types of asset cycle counts

The Blind Asset Cycle Count

Learn about how this method works

The standard way of performing asset counts where users choose the location of the count, scan the barcodes on the assets and hit the Process button to complete the cycle count.

the blind asset cycle count

The Dynamic Asset Cycle Count

Learn about whether this method suits your asset management needs

A more advanced method where after choosing the location of the count, our software auto-populates assets that should be at the site. As users scan asset items, the system sorts them under 3 categories:

  • To Be Found: Assets or fixed assets that have not been scanned yet
  • Found: Assets or fixed assets that have been scanned
  • Unidentified: Assets, fixed assets or equipment that were not previously added to the location of the Asset Cycle Count. System administrators can configure our software to let users add Unidentified Assets into the systems.
the dynamic asset cycle count

Auto Move Assets

Move items according to where they’re found

Your System Administrators also have access to enable an Auto Move option. This option, once enabled, will automatically move Assets to the site or location in our systems that they are found in. This is useful in the case that your business often interchanges assets and equipment between multiple locations.

auto move assets

Configurable Reports at Your Disposal

Learn about how you can get in-depth analysis on your Assets

In our asset tracking software, you and your users are able to generate 3 types of Asset Cycle Count Reports if or when it is necessary. This includes:

  • Asset Cycle Count Report: Generates reports of all assets found at your site
  • Asset Cycle Count Missing Report: Generates reports of all assets were not found Asset Cycle
  • Count Moved Report: Generates reports of any assets that were found at the location that were not previously added to the site
configure asset cycle counts reports

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We also offer options for inventory control software or combined solutions that manages both inventory and assets. We have the perfect long-term solutions to grow and scale up your business, no matter the size. Learn more about what options may work best for you through our demos!

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