Asset Order Approvals

Asset Approval Cycle

Streamline your asset order approval process with our Asset Approval cycle feature

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The Order Approval Process

Asset order approvals made easy

Users may streamline the order management process with the help of our market-leading barcode asset tracking solution. The Solution can be fully customized to carry out the creation and dispatching of purchase orders with ease (PO).

System administrators can specify an approval process that includes up to two “Approver(s)” to approve or reject the order prior to producing the PO.

the order approval process

The Approval Process

How the order fulfillment process begins

To start the order fulfillment process, users merely need to generate an order. After selecting the client or vendor, the assets, and the order number, users can submit the request for approval. Now it is up to the assigned “Approver(s)” to examine the order. This feature will allow admin users to evaluate orders before moving forward with order fulfillment. Once approved, the order can be accepted.

the approval process

Email Notifications

Receive Notifications about asset orders

Use our notification tool to effectively and efficiently manage orders. The system administrator or administrators might set up the system configuration to email those engaged in the approval process with a notice.

A maximum of two “Approvers” may also be sent an email from the administrator asking them to review an order. Notifications via email will be issued after the order has been submitted. The order must be accepted by all parties in order to be carried out.

receive notifications about asset orders

Check on approvals progress

See how far along the asset approval process is

Users will be able to see the progress meter for each order once this functionality is implemented. To help organize the management process, this bar displays profile images of the originator and the approver(s).

The progress bar makes it simpler and easier to see how the purchase and sales orders are progressing and who needs to authorize them.

the asset approval process
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