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Comprehensive Asset Data at Your Disposal

A thorough overview of your asset usage patterns

When it comes to assets, improving your return on investment requires asset data. We’ve designed our Asset Management Software to help you increase visibility and identify trends in your asset usage, whether it’s fixed assets, capital assets or others. Single out underutilized resources and find out which assets have been returned past due with our Time Duration feature.

comprehensive asset data at your disposal

What is Asset Time Duration?

Learn how this feature works in our asset tracking solutions

Our Time Duration feature gives you and your users in-depth data on your asset usage patterns. This is because the Time Duration tool lets you:

  • Track the usage time periods of your assets
  • Set up billing rates for assets meant to be rented out
  • Tracking the status of your loaned assets.
what is asset time duration

Configurable to Your Asset Tracking Needs

Learn which options in this feature best suits your organization

Our Asset Management Systems are fully configurable, including the Time Duration feature. Your system administrators can configure billing increments and rates in the settings. There are 3 billing rate options that you can pick from including:

Global Rate

The default standard billing rate in our systems

Category Rate

The option that bills according to asset categories.

Model Rate

The option that bills according to asset models

Assets Rate

Billing rate that varies according to specific asset items.

The Time Duration Reports

Generate this report for in-depth data on your asset usage

In our asset tracking systems, timestamps and dates are automatically recorded whenever assets are checked out. Our software also tracks the amount of time that an asset has been checked out.

To analyze that overwhelming amount of asset data, we designed the Time Duration Report to be fully configurable, with fields like billing increments, total duration, selected rates and more to choose from.

the time duration reports

Not just for asset management

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We also offer options for inventory control software or combined solutions that manages both inventory and assets. We have the perfect long-term solutions to grow and scale up your business, no matter the size. Learn more about what options may work best for you through our demos!

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