Mapping Assets

Asset Mapping Made Easy

See the locations of each of your assets on a map within our asset tracking system

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Visual Asset Mapping

Visualize your Assets on a Map

This Asset Mapping feature, which is unique to our cloud-based asset tracking system, enables customers to view the current location of their assets on a map. This mapping platform simplifies routine tasks and gives user complete visibility of floor layouts, location information, and even indoor placement. It not only improves operational effectiveness and provides you with a precise visual of the location of your assets, but it also enables you to make wise judgments about the future.

visualize your assets on a map

Asset Addresses

Adding Addresses into Our Asset Tracking Solution

You must enter an address into our asset management system and link it to a location before you can begin mapping your assets. After creating the “Files,” use the “Add New” button to either build new assets or add the locations to existing ones.

adding addresses into our asset tracking solution

Simple Mapping Tool

Everything is laid out for you within our Asset Tracking Software

To view all assets on an interactive map, simply navigate to the “Asset” interface in the system and choose “Map All.” Then, once you’re on the geographical map, click the tiny arrow to cycle among all the resources, giving you better visibility of all your assets.

simple mapping tool

View Details of Each Asset

Examine more information about your assets

After selecting the asset on the mapping tool, users can examine extra information about an asset in a particular place, such as:

  • Asset code
  • Asset name
  • Address
  • Image of the asset
view details of each asset

Mobile App

Visualize Asset Maps with Your Mobile Device

Users of our mobile app who use an asset tracking system can also map their assets there. Any iOS or Android mobile device can easily access our mobile app. To access the map, simply select “Asset,” then “Inventory,” and then click the pin in the upper right corner of the screen.

visualize asset maps with your mobile device

We Handle Everything For You

Why Implementing Asset Management Software is Important

Your management procedures will be much more effective and efficient once you use an asset management system. This is mostly because the system handles everything for you.

You can use our mapping tool in the system to see exactly where all your assets are instead of attempting to recall their locations from memory. Along with providing the address, it will also display a map with the location as well as a street view photograph of the area.

we handle everything for you
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