Set Your Inventory Min/Max Levels

Configurable alerts for your physical inventory quantities

Our inventory management software lets you know when inventory levels exceed a predetermined threshold.

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Define Your Inventory’s Min/Max Quantities

Improve inventory turnover rates and prevent overstocking with our Inventory Control Software

We understand that striving to find the perfect balance of supply and demand when it comes to inventory is difficult. That’s why we designed the Min/Max Quantity feature in our Inventory Management Systems, where it works in tandem with other features to ensure you know when your inventory levels have dipped past or went over a configurable threshold.

define your inventory’s Min_Max quantities

The Inventory Levels Min/Max Status Scale

What is the status scale?

We designed our Inventory Control Solutions to analyze inventory data and visualize your inventory levels in a Min/Max Status Scale Panel. This scale keeps you in the loop on the available on-hand inventory and real time Quantity On Hand (QOH). Here, you can flesh out the exact quantity of inventory that counts as overstocking in your organization, and the minimum amount of inventory you should always have. You can adjust this for every inventory item in your possession.

the inventory levels Min_Max status scale

Configurable SMS Text or Email Alerts

Learn how our system does inventory min/max levels notifications

Our systems track your inventory levels in real time as you and your employees process transactions. When the quantity of an inventory item goes below or above a predetermined Min/Max threshold, our Inventory System generates an email or text alert to let you know when it is time to restock or hold off on ordering more inventory. These alerts can be customized according to your business needs and can be sent to as many recipients as deemed necessary. This automated system boosts efficiency as it cuts down on the confusing traditional back and forth when a person has to email everyone involved manually.

configurable SMS text or email alerts

Generate Configurable Reports

Maximize visibility on your inventory consumption through configurable reports

Our Inventory Management Software takes your inventory data, analyzes it and generates Min/Max Quantity Reports. These reports are configurable and can be customized to show information on inventory in specific locations in your facilities. You can also set up a schedule for these reports to be sent to your email, whether that’s weekly or monthly.

generate configurable inventory min_max reports

Set a Min/Max Threshold for Specific Locations

Learn how you can manage Min/Max Inventory Levels for specific locations in your facility

While we’ve covered the basics of how you can set Min/Max quantity levels for each inventory item, our inventory systems also let users set the minimum and maximum inventory levels threshold for a specific area in your facility. This could be for a specific shelf in your warehouse, stockroom or office.

set a Min_Max threshold for specific locations

Import Your Pre-existing Min/Max Levels into Our Inventory Management Software

Learn how you can import your existing min/max inventory levels data directly into our systems.

If your organization already has pre-existing or predetermined minimum and maximum inventory levels, our software lets you import this data and saves you the hassle of manually setting it up for each inventory item. Currently, our software is compatible with data in the form of spreadsheets, so if you would want to efficiently process minimum and maximum quantity levels for many inventory items, we recommend this method.

import your existing min_max inventory levels data directly into our systems

Not just for inventory control

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We also offer options for asset management software or combined solutions that manages both inventory and assets. We have the perfect long-term solutions to grow and scale up your business, no matter the size. Learn more about what options may work best for you through our demos!

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