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Inventory Picklist Feature

Create, Manage, and Control Inventory Picklists within our Industry leading Inventory system

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Inventory Picklists

With our Industry-Leading Inventory software’s pick list feature, picklists can be created directly on our system. Picklists are created with the barcoded items that need to be retrieved from storage and sent to warehouse pickers to fulfill an order. Once the picklist is generated within the system, the order fulfillment and picking processes can begin.

inventory picklists feature

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Effortless Data Entry for Picklists

This new enhancement to the Picklist feature offers you a way to easily import picklist data. This helps you save time and energy by cutting down manual tasks like data entry. Now, users can bring in large amounts of Picklists in one go simply by uploading Excel files from their device or from platforms like Google Sheets, Office 365, Dropbox and Box. Watch this video to learn more.

importing picklist in inventory system

Picklist Configuration Settings

Adjust the system configurations for the Inventory Picklist feature

Users can adjust/configure the “Picklist Closing Options” when preparing the picking process. This configuration setting lets users choose if they would rather manually close the pick list (“Manual Close”) or automatically close the picklist (“Transaction Based Close”). Once the inventory items have been picked, they can proceed with the order fulfillment process and finally move on to Pack and Ship their inventory pick.

picklist configuration settings

Print, Scan, and Pick Inventory

Streamline the Order Fulfillment and Picking Process

Once a user creates and prints the inventory pick list, the order fulfillment and picking process becomes much simpler.

  • Step 1: The “picker” will bring the picklist into the warehouse or stockroom
  • Step 2: The picker will scan the appropriate barcode for the item and location
  • Step 3: Finally, the picker will enter the quantity being pulled.
print scan pick inventory

Picklist Reporting

Generate Inventory Picklist Reports

With our inventory picklist reporting feature, users can fully configure each report and picklist to reflect the information that is the most important to their organization’s needs. They can decide what information is displayed in the reports such as specific locations to pick from, images and part numbers, quantities, etc.

generate inventory picklist reports
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