Inventory Breakdown Feature

Break Down Inventory into Multiple Items

Track and manage multiple inventory items that have been broken down with our Inventory System.

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The best Inventory Breakdown feature

How does the Inventory Breakdown Feature work?

The Inventory Breakdown feature within our inventory systems allow users to essential take one Inventory stock item and break it down into multiple stock items and place them in any location. Users can break down (or take apart/disassemble) anything from tables, computers, or previously assembled items. For example, instead of having quantity 1 of a table, you can break it down into quantity 4 of table legs and quantity 1 of tabletop. This is just one example of how you can use the inventory breakdown feature.

how does the inventory breakdown feature work

How to Use the Breakdown Inventory Feature

Disassemble inventory items and manage them separately

If you have Inventory items such as this computer, you can take it apart, or essentially “breakdown”, the computer into its multiple parts and assign each piece a Stock Item #. Once the computer is broken down or disassembled, each piece can be individually tracked within our Inventory System. By defining the breakdown, you will be able to track and manage each inventory item and the necessary pieces much more easily and efficiently.

how to use the breakdown inventory feature

Generate Inventory Breakdown Reports

Gain better visibility of your breakdown Inventory transactions

If users would like to acquire more visibility of their breakdown Inventory transactions, our Inventory Control Software enables users to generate configurable Inventory Breakdown reports. These reports can be emailed on a preset delivery schedule if needed.

Also, if you would like to create reports on your own, you can simply fill in the fields listed below and your report will be generated :

  • Inventory ID#
  • Stock Item#
  • Breakdown Inventory ID#
  • Breakdown Quantity
  • Breakdown Location
generate inventory breakdown reports
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