Inventory Reports

Detailed, accurate and configurable in our Inventory Management Software

Take advantage of our built-in powerful data analytics tools with Inventory Reports to understand the trends of your inventory consumption

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Customizable Inventory Reports

Create and design as many configurable reports as needed in our Inventory Management Software

Maximize visibility over the trends in your organization’s inventory with our Inventory Control Software Inventory Reports feature. We designed our data analytics tools to process your inventory data and generate relevant reports for you and your organization. Our systems come in with built-in report templates ready for use, or if you have something specific that needs to be tracked, your system administrators have access to create and design as many reports as necessary for your business needs.

customizable inventory reports

What Type of Reports Do We Offer?

Learn about what you can do with the Inventory Reports tool

In our inventory management software, users can generate reports, select favorite reports to appear on their Dashboard as well as schedule recurring reports. Some examples of reports include:

what type of reports do we offer_

The Built-In Inventory Report Editor

Learn what you can do with the Report Editor

Your system administrators can configure reports from the ground up, including the fields that are used in the report, the data segments used in the report and many more! We provide many configuration options that you can choose from or edit to your specific needs.

This isn’t limited only to the technical aspects of reports as you are also able to edit colors, font sizes, texts, data circles and more. We want you to build these visual representations of your inventory data in the easiest way to digest for your organization and stakeholders.

the built in inventory report editor

Set Up Schedules for Your Inventory Reports

Reports automatically generated according to your liking

Our Inventory Reports lets users schedule reports to generate on a recurring basis. Depending on your preferences, our systems automatically generate reports hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. Your system administrators can configure the recipients of these reports, delivered through email.

set up schedules for your inventory reports

Customizable Charts

Choose the style of inventory data visualization that best suits your organization.

There are multiple options of charts that you can choose from to make your inventory data easy-to-digest. These include:

  • Column charts: This option compares relationships between selected data entries.
  • Bar charts: Compared to the column chart, the X and Y axes are inverted.
  • Line charts: Using a continuous line to connect dots, this chart is useful for identifying trends.
  • Pie charts: This type of chart gives you an overview of your inventory.
customizable inventory charts

Not just for inventory control

Explore what else you can do with our systems

We also offer options for asset management software or combined solutions that manages both inventory and assets. We have the perfect long-term solutions to grow and scale up your business, no matter the size. Learn more about what options may work best for you through our demos!

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