Performing Physical Inventory Counts

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Importing Your Inventory Data Is Easy with Us

Learn how we can streamline your inventory tracking workflows

With our Inventory Management Software Physical Inventory Counts feature, you can say goodbye to manually updating inventory spreadsheets every day.

One of our most used features, this tool lets you seamlessly update your inventory levels by utilizing both our Inventory Tracking Mobile App and browser application.

streamline your inventory tracking

What Can You Do with Physical Inventory Counts?

Automated data sync for effective inventory management

With automatic data sync, whenever you scan an inventory item, our Inventory Management Software automatically updates that data across the system. This helps you:

Monitor inventory variances and discrepancies

Automatically adjusted inventory counts

Generate Physical Inventory-Focused reports.

How Does the Inventory Count Process Work?

Learn how this feature functions in our inventory control software

This action is carried out in two parts in our Inventory Systems:

Utilizing the Mobile App to collect data on your inventory: Choose your location, Scan each barcode on your inventory items, Update the count if needed

Double-checking discrepancies and making adjustments: On the browser application, users can review the Physical inventory Count and look at any variances and perform adjustments if necessary

how does the inventory count process work

How Do I Check Inventory Variances?

Learn how to monitor your Physical Count Variance

Users can review and monitor the discrepancies in physical inventory counts at any time. The variances will appear if there has been any change from the physical count of previous records.

  • You start by selecting your desired date range
  • Select the location where the Physical Inventory Count was conducted
  • Select the option to view all variances.
learn how to monitor your physical count variance

How Do I Adjust the Physical Inventory Count Data?

Made a mistake? We’ve got you covered

When reviewing the results of your Inventory Count Variance report, you might find that one of your users made a mistake while scanning and the quantity recorded is wrong. Our inventory management systems lets you manually adjust the quantity for inventory items.

adjust the quantity after the physical inventory

Keep Your Users Accountable

Incorporate signatures into your inventory tracking workflows

Your System Administrators have the access to enable an option to require signature captures whenever a Physical Inventory Count is performed. This adds an extra level of accountability and visibility for your organization while providing you an easy digital way to keep track of your employees’ work.

keep your users accountable

Not just for inventory control

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We also offer options for asset management software or combined solutions that manages both inventory and assets. We have the perfect long-term solutions to grow and scale up your business, no matter the size. Learn more about what options may work best for you through our demos!

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