A-D’s Metal Roofing Company – Case Study

Our Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution Helps Roofing Company Expand Business.


A-D’s Metal Roofing has served the communities of North Carolina with outstanding service, offering roofing services for both commercial and residential properties. They install gutter guards, repair metal and shingle roofs as well as replace skylights. They’re always facing new challenges in their work, with every new job demanding they adapt to new conditions and don’t miss any details. They must also be mindful of the equipment and tools they use on the job to stay within budget.

However, they found that keeping track of expensive construction equipment can be difficult and involves a lot of manual tasks. With plans to expand their business as a construction company, A-D's Metal Roofing Company needed to adopt new tools to manage their inventory and assets. In short, they needed a new means of tools tracking for construction.

The Challenge of A-D's Metal Roofing Before Adopting Our System

As A-D's Metal Roofing grew as a company, it became clear that they needed tracking solutions to manage important supplies and tools. They did not have a way to track the flow of inventory from their warehouse to contractors. This meant that they needed a way to be able to track the movement of inventory and assets in real-time. Their work required numerous materials and heavy equipment moved to and from work sites.

A big motivator that drove them to search for an effective inventory management software was preventing the loss of their inventory and expensive equipment. They also wanted to address the subsequent overordering of inventory due to the lack of visibility. That’s where our software came in. We provide a tracking system that could work without needing someone onsite to service it. Our inventory system for contractors was a great fit for their needs.

How A-D's Metal Roofing Implemented our Inventory Management Software

The first thing that the company did after purchasing our inventory system was to build a database of their items. A-D’s Metal Roofing tracks everything from screws and nails to expensive construction equipment, and they needed maximum visibility over all their inventory and assets. After the initial set up, our inventory management system became an important part of daily work.

They also set up customer and vendor information in our software, which made it easier to manage purchase orders and sales orders. This allowed them to accurately keep track of their customers, the products used on each project, and commercial roofing expenses. They also implemented the use of barcode scanners to track the flow of supplies in their business operations. This meant that they have full visibility over supplies as they arrive or leave the warehouse.


How the Roofing Company Benefited from Using our Inventory Management Software.

Our Inventory Management Software was able to address A-D’s Metal Roofing’s needs perfectly. They no longer worry about the loss of inventory or equipment. With the visibility our system provides, they were able to:

  • Cut down on costs from understocking and overstocking
  • Exceed expectations and improve customer satisfaction while remaining within budget
  • Easily implement efficient workflows as our system is user-friendly and intuitive

Best of all, with our cloud-based inventory software, the company now has access to real-time inventory data and updates even when contractors work onsite. Today, our inventory management software is an integral part of their day-to-day workflows.

our-inventory-features that helped roofing industries to track their stock

The Results

In short, our inventory tracking solution for roofing companies helped A-D’s Metal Roofing on their mission to scale-up operations. “BarCloud is a fantastic solution for inventory tracking. A very powerful piece of software at a very down-to-earth price. It has changed the way we do Business!” said Matt Sanders, a representative of the company.

They continue to grow as a leader in North Carolina construction companies and are excited for what the future holds. The company hopes to expand its warehouse and open to the retail market. With our tools tracking software for construction, it will be easier to keep track of large amounts of tools, products, and supply trucks. This means that they can enter new markets without worry as our system is scalable to accommodate their growth.

our powerful and efficient inventory system control


A-D’s Metal Roofing’s success with our tools tracking system shows how well our features assist with contractor operations, and how it can improve inventory and asset tracking for roofing companies.

To learn more about how you can improve your organization’s efficiency with our inventory tracking system,
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