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Asset Transaction Receipts

View a full history of all asset transactions made within our system

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Asset Tracking Receipts

Generate Transaction Receipt Reports

If you would like to keep track of where your assets went and who they were given to while also emailing or physically putting away the receipts for the entire process, then our system is perfect for you.

Users can create receipts using our industry-leading asset tracking solution to investigate or summarize asset transactions. You can print or export these e-receipts to CSV, Excel, and Word.

asset tracking print receipts feature

Transactions that include Receipts

Admin users can activate printing receipts in the following five transactions:

  • Receive
  • Move
  • Check-Out
  • Check-In
  • Dispose
transactions that include receipts

Advantages of The Transaction Receipts

Here are the benefits that you will gain from using our asset management software

Audit Trail

Our system offers users a thorough and detailed transaction record relating to any Asset item.

Added Verification

The Transaction Receipt feature adds an additional layer of security for Asset related transactions.

Digital Receipts

With our transaction receipt feature, you can easily access transaction records via email.

Enhanced Accountability

Admin users can receive receipts showing details such as who, when, and where Asset transactions have occurred

Fully Configurable Transaction Receipts

Our asset transaction receipts are fully configurable just for you and your preferences

All receipts may be fully configured to meet any organizational standards and preferences thanks to our Print Receipt Feature. Lists with due dates, locations, and transaction numbers are common receipt data that could be shown on asset transaction receipts.

Barcodes, contract language, and signature lines can also be included if needed or wanted too. Users can customize their receipts in this way to include the data and formatting that they want/prefer.

fully configurable transaction receipts
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